What is the Perception Census?

The Perception Census is a new scientific study into the unique ways we each experience the world around us. It is the first citizen’s science project on perceptual diversity and it is led by world-leading academics Professor of Neuroscience Anil Seth from the University of Sussex and Professor of Philosophy Fiona Macpherson from the University of Glasgow. This ground-breaking study is part of the acclaimed Dreamachine programme.

The study is made up of games, illusions and brain teasers that explore how you perceive sound, and time, how your senses work together, how your imagination works, and much more.

By completing the study, you will learn about your own powers of perception and help our team of scientists and philosophers uncover why, and how, we all experience the world in our own unique ways.

How do I take part?

Sign-up and complete the survey from your desktop or laptop computer. If you sign-up from your mobile phone you can return later to take part from a computer.

The first section is the Fundamentals of Perception, once completed, you will unlock a further nine sections. Complete all the sections and you will receive a certificate from the University of Sussex.

With your help, this will be the largest study of its kind and, if enough people take part, the results could transform our understanding of how and why we each experience the world differently.

How long will it take?

Sections range in length from 15 to 20 minutes.

Complete as many or few sections as you like. The more you complete, the more valuable your answers will be. There’s no need to do everything in one sitting though, you will have your own user account that you can log into at any time, and be able to track your own progress.

After you finish each section, we will reveal a little bit about the science behind the activity, how your answers compare to others and what we are hoping to learn from your participation.

Is it accessible?

A lot of the interactive tasks include audio or video. If you have visual or auditory impairments you will be able to specify this when setting up your user account. This will ensure you are provided with tasks that are accessible to you.